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Here at Kitty Clips we are a cat only grooming salon and believe in treating cats like cats. Our cat groomers believe a positive experience will simply lead to more relaxed grooming (and more chances to snuggle) in the future, so we focus on building a bond of love and trust with your kitty. There will be no drugs used on your kitty. Instead we use muzzles, patience and encouragement for behavior management.  
OPENING HOURS 8am-6:30pm M-F
8:30am-6pm Sat

Cat Grooming Myth #1
Cat's groom themselves
 Cat's lick themselves, covering themselves with saliva allergens and ingesting large amounts of hair which many times lead to hair balls. Do you want your cat covered in spit and vomiting on your floor?


Frequently Asked Questions
How long does the grooming take?
  • Grooming takes 3 and a half hours. 
Can I stay to watch?
  • We do not allow customers to stay due to limited space and the need for all of our attention to be on the cat 
Cat Grooming Myth #2
Cat's Hate Water
Contrary to popular belief, most cats do amazingly well in water once wet. It is the sound of the water they are scared of and using proper techniques they can have a bathing experience relatively stress-free.
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